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We are Deva Group, your missing puzzle in your perfect automation experience. We provide innovative, cutting edge and cost effective solutions that deliver lasting value to projects of all sizes. Meet the costumer's needs. Search for the solution. Provide it. This is our philosophy.

Medical Products

Operating theatre monitoring and control equipment NOORDUNG Medical enables operating theatre medical personnel quick and simple access to control and monitor operating theatre illumination, ventilation system, isolation transformer, medical gases distribution system fire detection system and much more from a single standing point.

Nautical Products

Meet NOORDUNG Nautical, the new frontier of boat management. Touch screen all in one computer allows any skipper to take easily under control everything aboard. A complete, easy to use maintenance program provides great support in monitoring of all the data aboard.

App Development

Our step forward is providing the most advanced technology for different areas and problems, but with joint requirements: user friendly, intelligent, intuitive software solution.

We are

... always one step ahead because for us each challenge represents a new opportunity for upgrading the quality of your service as much as a quality of your costumer's life.


More than 16 years of background and references.


Each system is custom made, considering costumer's requests.

By your side

After sales support is our religion.


Our multidisciplinary and curious team loves the challenge.


Who We Are

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The alchemy of our team makes us competitive and unique among other manufacturers by our technically advanced and intuitive systems, freshness and the emphasis on design.

Maja D. M.

Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan.

Maja D. M.
Financial & Managing director

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"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

-Thomas R. Dewar

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Technical & Sales director

Robert D.

Niko T.
Financial Supervisor

Robert D.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs

Robert D.

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Good software, like wine, takes time."

- Joel Spolsky

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"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." John Cage

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Technical Manager

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Project Manager

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In our bussines the real work begins after the sale is made.

Srečko S.
Installation & Support

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Giangaetano M.

We are Hiring
Electrical Engineer

Giangaetano M.

We are Hiring

We want to ease everyday life
for each of our costumers and their final users by using our systems.

You're welcome to put your trust in us and join the team of our pleased costumers that upgrade their service with our systems. We'll provide the most advanced solution that is the most adequate for specifics of your mode and requests as much as for your costumer's needs.

Medical Products

We provide turnkey solutions for operating theater monitoring and control, with client-friendly after-sale support and technical assistance.

NOORDUNG system provides real-time visual information about the current status of the monitored operating theatre systems and allows controlling and setting of the essential physical ambient values.

SCP - surgical control panel


Touch screen provides a real time visual information about the current status of the monitored operating theatre systems and enables controlling and setting of the essential physical ambient values through a large touch screen PC, installed in a most convenient location in the operating theatre. Intuitive and understandable high resolution graphic offers clear and comfortable use while wearing medical gloves.

  • DALI &/or DMX Lights control
  • operating lighting switches
  • temperature and humidity indicators
  • temperature and humidity settings
  • Medical gases
  • WATCH - time, stopwatch, date
  • Medical gases
  • AGSS control and monitoring
  • Diff. Pressure
  • HEPA Filte
  • UPS data
  • door opening
  • and much more...

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Integrated Work stations

WORK STATIONS with keyboard from 32” to 55” with touch screen option This device enables medical personnel to install all their software required (like PACS, RIS, HIS or workflow software). It consists of high-performance computer, monitor that is installed on the wall and protected by glass panel, and medical keyboard. It is equipped by USB and HDMI access or other required installation.

The advantage of NOORDUNG work station is in its high quality materials and sustainable products. It also offers flexibility in wide range: it fits the space by selecting among different sizes, it fits the budget by selecting the most suitable set and it fits the content since it enables to support all the software required and necessary for fluent workflow.

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Work stations

integrated MONITORS 32", 42" and 50"

Because of the modular structure NOORDUNG monitors can fit in in any environment. In combination with OT Room Controller the product enable to have all necessary and crucial data in one place. Incorporating the latest commercial grade panel technology, the display guarantees great viewing from all angles, high brightness and exceptional color clarity. A wide range of video and audio inputs ensures compatibility with multiple platforms. High contrast enables outstanding color depth detail in darker images with exceptional accuracy.

NOORDUNG Monitors are installed in HIGH END powder coated casing, possible made of inox by request. The glass seal prevents entering the fine dust particles and also enables better cling of the glass and better seal too. We can also add your logotype on the glass by request.

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integrated MONITORS

Clock LCD

22", 32" LCD CLOCK

Info LCD all in one is the most effective clock on the market. This innovative product can be fully customized to reach the costumer wishes. The standard product is designed to fully satisfy the needs in operating theater. It indicates the date, time, elapsed clock, temperature, humidity, alarms, nurse call and other important data which are essential in the operating theatre.

The LCD Clock all in one can be integrated with all NOORDUNG products to provide maximum integration with other products in operating theatre.

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Clock LCD

Vertical 48" viewer


This product is basically Integrated Work Station in vertical standing, available in two versions: with touch screen or with keyboard.

48" viewer can be installed in portrait or landscape mode. Monitor with luminosity 750 cd/m2 becomes x-ray viewer by a simple push-button. It can be connected by wide range of video inputs and because of its compatibility with multiple platforms it enables control over workflow, PACS etc. if connected to hospital’s “brains”. This system can also be upgraded by Noordung video input system that controls video signals in the operating theater.

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48 viewer

Medical Keyboard

Cleanable keyboards for medical environments

A medical keyboard can reduce hospital acquired infections and employee sick time. Every time a patient walks into your emergency room, he put his life in the hands of medical personnel. Even a quick visit to the hospital can lead to a life threatening case of MRSA or another hospital acquired infection. Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent spreading illness among medical staff and patients. Help protect patients by selecting Medical Grade Keyboards with trackpad. Our premium, waterproof keyboards can be found in many of the largest hospital systems, medical offices, and laboratories worldwide.

From OR’s and ICU’s, to patient rooms, nursing stations or hospital carts, our Medical Grade keyboards with trackpad is standard equipment where infection control and safety of patient and staff are a concern.

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Medical Keyboard

Ceiling speakers

Noordung Audio System

Wirelessly stream your audio from any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone, Ipad, Andriod phone or Bluetooth enabled PC. The waterproof IP44 rated Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker can be connected to power via your lighting circuit or simply plugged into a plug socket if you prefer. In larger rooms it can also be connected to a second speaker via an extra cable, but thanks to its excellent sound quality, just one speaker is often enough to achieve crisp, high quality audio.

The speaker has a protective metal grill which can be painted in ceiling paint, allowing you to seamlessly blend it into the décor of your chosen room. A rapid-mount system makes installation easy and fast, while a four-digit PIN code enables more secure initial setup. Once connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, the speaker's integrated device memory will enable instant audio playback for future use.

The speaker's wireless range is up to 10 meters, and it supports streaming of music from both your personal library and online services such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music and more. It can also be hardwired to any non-Bluetooth device via RCA input to allow playback of audio from stereos, televisions or computers.

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Ceiling speakers

Inovativni Sistem za razkuževanje DRYSTER

Glavni namen in cilj: Operacija predstavlja razvoj centraliziranega sistema za razkuževanje Dryster, razvitega za strokovne potrebe v bolnišnicah, natančneje v intenzivnih sobah, ki celovito rešuje problematiko, povezano s COVID-19.

Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska Unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj

Več o projektih Evropskega sklada si lahko preberete na spletni strani evropske kohezijske politike v Sloveniji

Innovative DRYSTER Disinfection System

Main purpose and goal: The operation represents the development of a centralised disinfection system Dryster, developed for professional demands in hospitals, more specifically for intensive care rooms, which comprehensively solves Covid-19-related issues.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

You can read more about European Fund projects on website of European cohesion policy in Slovenia

Integrated Bridge System

Nautical Products

fully integrated bridge management system

A stunning combination of official hardware coming together as one uniform ergonomic solution – a sleek 21st Century generation bridge, a video wall feature.

This next-generation bridge will be of great interest to shipyards, owners, and captains.

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NOORDUNG Integrated Bridge System

The NOORDUNG IBS was developed from the concept of aviation communication control, but with the ethos to keep things simple. Providing yacht crew and owners with a system that provides effective, accurate yet simple to use communication tracking and control.

The NOORDUNG IBS integrates all superyacht technology equipment including those for navigation, such as steering, autopilot, and charting; engine and generators, including monitoring and control; air conditioning, water makers, hydraulics, sprinklers, stabilizers, electrical and life support systems. IBS is the soft version of the glass bridge itself, mimicking everything on the bridge, including recording sensor information for doors, fuel tanks, bilge pumps, navigation lights, monitoring, temperature, flows, fuel pumps, alarm status and so much more.

The integrated bridge can be used on all yacht sizes, without limitation and can be installed in new builds or in retrofitted. The console is ergonomic and very simple to use and understand; buttons and switches are placed very thoughtfully to make the console highly intuitive, easy to use and visually pleasing. A few examples of the uses of the system are highlighted below.

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Integrated Bridge System

App Development

From water distribution systems apps to working tool trackers or internal business organization, you are welcome to put your trust in us.

Namely, whatever field you came from, you and we all share the same intention: to make our lives easier. For you we will provide the solution that is the most adequate for your requirements, your philosophy and, last but not least, for your costumer's needs.

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MOJ VODOVOD - Water control app

It should be emphasized that we already provided the most advanced technology for water distribution systems in major cities of Republic of Croatia: Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Split and other cities.

The Water control app combines different goals, such as enabling the control over water consumption and costs of this service; paying invoices and alerting in case of broken tube or other unpredicted water consumption. In the terms of consumption control, user is able to choose among meters, dates, charts and comparison of consumption with similar households

Alarming while unwonted water consumption appears is a very important function in case the user is away from the household/supervised building with its huge ecological and economical potential, since the user could find out when hectoliters of water is lost and the bill is equivalently increasing.

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ALATI APP - Tools management app

This app is a solution for tracking tools and is very easy to use; the user scans and takes over a selected item by a single click. It contains all the information about the journey of each tool: its location, its user, when did the user took it over and of whom did he took it over. The app has many different advantages: it enables the take over of the tools on the construction site directly, it provides control over borrowing tool by hours, numbers of borrowing and workers, it offers a report of an error, application for repair or comments and much more.

It contains apps for administrators, workers and warehouse employees, as each group has its particular needs and manners in operating with the tools. The inventory and assessment of tool conditions is immediate since the program creates also tracking labels in PDF form with inventory number for each item and, moreover, the data base can of each item can be expanded by adding additional PDF documents (instructions, repair reports etc).

Immediate benefits of using this app are that the process of finding tools on buildings sites and warehouses is significantly shorter and that it considerably reduces possibilities of tool theft. But in long terms it also prolongs lifetime of the tool, since the app documents all the damage or errors and also the person who is responsible for it.

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Our Process

focus on the solution

meet the challenge

When you identify the problem, we create a solution. Each project is custom made, therefore each represents a new challenge.

concept and development

When our team combines its attributes with your requirements.

produce and testing

When you re-enter into the process and co-create our fine tuning of the product.


Each product is packed in elegant and made-to-measure wooden box that protects its content during transport and is also re-usable.

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